RTDA is a Government Institution which is under Ministry of Infrastructure.

RTDA Office is located in Kaciyru, Kigali, in the District of Gasabo.

KG 563 St., Queen’s Land House, 1st Floor

The Objectives of RTDA are the following:

  • - Reduce and control transport costs
  • - Assure the quality and durability of the rural, urban and international transport network
  • - Improve safety for goods and passengers on the principle modes of transport
  • - Increase mobility of the population in order to improve access to essential services, education, and employment
  • - Establish a system to ensure sustainable financing of road maintenance
  • - Facilitate access to cost effective transport services

In order to achieve these objectives, the government of Rwanda decided to set up RTDA specifically to manage and monitor all activities in the transport sector.

RTDA Vision

To gain modern infrastructure, cost effective and quality services, while ensuring sustainable economic growth and developing eco-friendly, safe and seamless integrated multimodal transport system for passenger and goods both at national and regional level.

 RTDA Mission

To contribute towards the realization of the economic development and poverty reduction objectives as formulated in strategic policy guidance, such as Vision 2020 and EDPRS, by the establishment and rational management of transport infrastructure and services