Corporate division

 The corporate Services Division is in charge of:

  1. Tasking with representing RTDA on overall project related to all transport infrastructure in Rwanda
  2. Preparing finance management systems (FMS) and its implementation plan of action.
  3. Implementing the supervision of allocated budget for all projects related to the transport infrastructure.
  4. Monitoring and evaluating of allocated budget and its execution period.
  5. Providing statistical data on the financial records on the recurrent and projects related to transport infrastructure.
  6. Advising RTDA on all matters pertaining finances.
  7. Ensuring that budget execution complies with the procurement law for both national and international procurement activities.
  8. And preparing the implementation plan of action for the staff capacity building and strategies for retention of professionals in the Agency.


NamesPositions EmailContact
MUKANGANGO VirginieProcurement
 RUBIBI Patrick PecketProcurement
Come MUCYO Director of Finance  Unit
HABIMANA CyprienAccountant
Elyse UWIMANA Secretary of Finance Unit
BIZIMANA Theoneste Human Ressource Officer
UMULISA Divine Logistic Officer
Mukangoga Monique Documentation and Archive Officer
Appoline MUKAGASANAHead of Central Secretariat
Athanasie MUKAMWIZA  Secretary of to central secretary
Deus NGOGA Driver
Saidi NSABIMANA Driver
Jeremy KARURANGA Driver
Leonardo RUZIGANADriver
KAYIGAMBA Jean BoscoDriver
NSENGIYUMVA MpengeriDriver
NSABIMANA SamuelDriver
MUPENZI ProtaisDriver
KAYIRANGA BenoitDriver