Farmers of Gishwati found a road

The government of Rwanda, in collaboration with the World Bank, continues to put effort into building infrastructure, including roads, in order to facilitate citizens and ease trade and transport between Districts and sectors.

Through Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA), in Rutsiro and Nyabihu Districts roads are being constructed to facilitate farmers to bring their produce to the market in an easy way, as this area is one of the regions where agricultural production is the highest. Food items in this region include potatoes, onions and carrots; and animal produce such as milk, beef, meat etc.

There are also cash crops including tea and coffee. The roads are expected to solve recurrent transport challenges that used hamper access to market and hence leading to loss of produce and discouragement of farmers.

The roads in Rutsiro district are: Gakeri-Gatenga-Mungoti 25km road and in Nyabihu district:  Kibisabo-Masha-Arusha-Misingo-Masha, 33km road.